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NYSE Runs First Mock IPO Ever, For Twitter

Rehearsals and practices aren’t just for musicals and sports teams. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) held a practice on Saturday, October 26 for Twitter’s upcoming IPO. This is the first time the NYSE has ever rehearsed for a company’s … Continue reading

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Interns Ruin It For Future Interns: Condé Nast Edition

The magazine industry is hard enough for college graduates to jump into, but it just got a little bit harder. Unpaid internships have become somewhat of a norm in the journalism and communications industry, but some interns are just unable … Continue reading

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Best Reason To Let An Employee Go: They’re Not ‘BuzzFeedy Enough’ (Sorry, Fired Copyranter!)

BuzzFeed fired Mark Duffy, known as Copyranter, recently and his audience wasn’t exactly sure why. Until Duffy posted the reason on his Facebook page that is. “[M]y content wasn’t inline with what BuzzFeed wanted (wasn’t ‘BuzzFeedy’ enough),” wrote Duffy on … Continue reading

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Transparency Isn’t Just For Journalists & T-Mobile Agrees

No matter what industry one is involved in, transparency is almost always the best way to go where clients are concerned. T-Mobile, as opposed to other cellphone carriers, has learned this. Four pairs of jeans? Check. Nine shirts? check. Three … Continue reading

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News To Tweet About: Twitter Reportedly To IPO Mid-November

It won’t take a full 140 characters to sum up what’s going on: Twitter is reportedly going to have its IPO (initial public offering) on November 15, 2013, according to PrivCo. Only 112 characters, not bad. Twitter executives would approve. … Continue reading

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MSNBC Looking To Re-Launch Its Online Presence

Microsoft and MSNBC were once a duo, but July 2012 marked the end of that relationship. The two companies cut ties and MSNBC started on its way to reinventing itself. Aiming to improve user participation and enhance viewing experiences, MSNBC … Continue reading

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New Owner, New Newsweek: First Issue Released

IAC/Interactive Corporation folded the American print edition of Newsweek Magazine at the end of 2012, leaving only its online edition remaining. Fast-forward about seven months and IBT Media announces it acquired Newsweek from IAC. Digital editions of Newsweek have been … Continue reading

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