MSNBC Looking To Re-Launch Its Online Presence

Microsoft and MSNBC were once a duo, but July 2012 marked the end of that relationship. The two companies cut ties and MSNBC started on its way to reinventing itself.

Aiming to improve user participation and enhance viewing experiences, MSNBC will be re-launching its website next week. Readers that are part of the company’s newsletter mailing list were treated to an email from Executive Editor Richard Wolffe regarding the new site.

“The wait is almost over,” Wolffe wrote. “We launch next week, and as promised, you’ll get an early look at the website that will transform the digital progressive community. Keep an eye out for an email next week so you can be one of the first to try it out.”

While the new site is not officially available, redirects users to

NBC or MSNBC’s option page for users to visit or a sneak peek of MSNBC’s new site.

Viewers can also choose to get a first look at the updated MSNBC website, which will bring up the following page: Sneak Peek

A sneak peek at MSNBC’s new website.

MSNBC is hoping to be in the forefront of the digital news age, allowing users to watch its channel live online, join online communities and create groups based on specific interests. Wolffe is encouraging his readers to share the news about this re-launch to all of their friends on social media sites.

Are you excited about this re-launch? Do you think it will garner the company more viewers? Let me know in the comments below!

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One Response to MSNBC Looking To Re-Launch Its Online Presence

  1. dipti says:

    Good topic. Its interesting to note how powerful social media is becoming as a tool of marketing. What is msnbc doing differently? Dig deeper into their market plan.

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