Transparency Isn’t Just For Journalists & T-Mobile Agrees

No matter what industry one is involved in, transparency is almost always the best way to go where clients are concerned. T-Mobile, as opposed to other cellphone carriers, has learned this.

Four pairs of jeans? Check. Nine shirts? check. Three pairs of shoes? Check. All personal essentials? Check. Bought international cellphone plan? Nope, not if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber.

T-Mobile International Plan

T-Mobile’s website homepage advertises its new international plan.

While the main cellphone carriers, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, all charge incredibly-high-priced date and cellphone plans for international use, T-Mobile recently announced that starting next month its users will get free texts and date internationally included in their plans. For international calls, subscribers can sign up for the minimum one-month plan of $30.

Most people assume that the reason they are paying so much for international cellphone use is because it is a necessary cost and that it is expensive for their service provider, but this T-Mobile announcement acts to dispute that thought. If T-Mobile is able to accomodate this plan, then why won’t the other service companies as well?

“The big carriers have created a perception that it costs this much. But it really doesn’t,” Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer, told David Pogue, a writer at The New York Times. “It’s just that they’ve gotten away with charging us these bloated 90 percent profit margins.”

Transparency is clearly in Sievert’s vocabulary. As for the executives at other cellphone service providers? A dictionary would probably be a good thing for them to invest in.

“Those other companies sit around trying to figure out what customer charges they can get away with,” Sievert continued to Pogue. “We sit around and say, ‘What can we get away with not charging the customer?’”

What do you think about T-Mobile’s idea to include international data and texts in its subscribers’ plans? Do you think other phone companies will begin to do the same? Let me know in the comments below!

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