Best Reason To Let An Employee Go: They’re Not ‘BuzzFeedy Enough’ (Sorry, Fired Copyranter!)

BuzzFeed fired Mark Duffy, known as Copyranter, recently and his audience wasn’t exactly sure why. Until Duffy posted the reason on his Facebook page that is.

“[M]y content wasn’t inline with what BuzzFeed wanted (wasn’t ‘BuzzFeedy’ enough),” wrote Duffy on his Facebook wall for all to see.

The BuzzFeed website is known for its funny lists and viral posts, but it also held the Copyranter blog, which was a collection of posts written by Duffy that poked fun at different advertisements going around.

Copyranter Screenshot

A look at the Copyranter page on BuzzFeed on Oct. 20, 2013.

These posts garnered anywhere from 15 to 150 comments and beyond, but apparently this wasn’t enough for attention-hungry BuzzFeed. Whether Duffy’s reason is the actual reason for his firing or not, the outcome still holds true: Duffy is being let go from BuzzFeed.

While a new “Copyranter” might fill his shoes, some of his audience may not be so inclined to check out postings from a newcomer. No worries for BuzzFeed, though, because it still has a whole site full of nostalgic or comical posts for readers to check out.

Do you think not creating “BuzzFeedy enough” content was a good reason for Duffy to get fired? What’s your favorite thing to read on BuzzFeed? Let me know in the comments below!

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One Response to Best Reason To Let An Employee Go: They’re Not ‘BuzzFeedy Enough’ (Sorry, Fired Copyranter!)

  1. diptikumar says:

    What does this tell us about journalism or journalists? Can we look at Buzzfeed as a form of journalism? Flesh out your post more to get to the epicenter.

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