NYSE Runs First Mock IPO Ever, For Twitter

Rehearsals and practices aren’t just for musicals and sports teams. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) held a practice on Saturday, October 26 for Twitter’s upcoming IPO.

This is the first time the NYSE has ever rehearsed for a company’s initial public offering, proving to the world what everyone already knew: This IPO is set to be huge.

Twitter reaches an extremely large audience and touches countries all over the world. It is currently a private company, but this is about to change, as the company is rumored to begin selling shares on the New York Stock Exchange within the next month.

This is not the first large-scale company to go public, but it is the first time the NYSE has decided to do a trial run of the IPO. Perhaps it knows something the rest of the country doesn’t. Either way, the day Twitter shares go on sale, the NYSE will surely have one of its busiest days ever.

This trial fun was full-scale. There wasn’t simply one or two associates involved, but the whole organization participated in order to prepare for the upcoming IPO day. It was taken seriously, with NYSE workers acting as if the IPO was actually occurring at that moment.

Why do you think the NYSE decided to practice for Twitter’s IPO? Do you think this truly will be a hectic day for the NYSE? Let me know in the comments below.

Twitter: @TheRachaelE

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One Response to NYSE Runs First Mock IPO Ever, For Twitter

  1. dipti says:

    Proof read becoming hitting publish. Spellings and grammar
    Why do you think there was a test run? Have their been other such practice runs in the past if so why and how did it help. Also nasdaq suffered an outage earlier in Sept. That screwed up the trading so is this is a lesson nyse is using? You need to go deeper than this.

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