Full House Sequel? How Screen Rant’s April Fools’ Joke Got Picked Up As News

Many news sites take it upon themselves to post fake articles on April Fools’ Day and the stories are sometimes outrageous and other times completely plausible. This is the one day that it is acceptable for news sources to make up extreme attention-grabbing headlines and stories with no factual information.

Screen Rant did exactly this on April Fools’ 2013 when an article was written by Anthony Ocasio about a Full House sequel being in the works. He cited fake articles as his sources and blatantly told his readers that this whole article was a prank.


Now, seven months later, Disney Treasures posted the same Screen Rant article word-for-word and link-for-link, but laid it out as if it were real news. Then, this article became the source for larger new sources and blogs, like Perez Hilton and Broadway World.

The fact that this April Fools’ Day joke article became serious news, and got picked up by some larger blogs, goes to show how easy it is to manipulate some online news sources. Ryan Holiday talks about this extensively in his book, “Trust Me, I’m Lying,” and this a perfect example of all that he explains in the book.

While a simple Google search reveals the true nature of the Disney Treasures article, some sites picked up the news without the simple verification that is available to them online.

There is no information or source that reveals that a Full House sequel is in the works. Maybe one day there will be, but not as of today. But the news is exciting and, therefore, news sites pick it up. Doesn’t matter if the information is true because it garners views, views garner ads, and ads bring in the revenue.

How do you feel about news sites not verifying easily verifiable information? Do you expect more from online news sites? Would you like there to be a Full House sequel, though? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Responses to Full House Sequel? How Screen Rant’s April Fools’ Joke Got Picked Up As News

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  3. Brie says:

    I hate that internet news sites don’t bother to verify their information anymore. I’m a ridiculous 90’s TV nerd, and I was extremely excited about this being a possibility after reading it on Perez Hilton, and immediately FB’d it. Being excited, I actually CONTINUED to research it though, and soon discovered there was no truth to it. Perez was very late to the game in reporting this today, so I don’t even see why it was rushed to his page without a quick fact-check.

    • I completely agree. Verification has taken a back seat in the online news world to accomodate for speed.

      Many news sources are quick to post stories without checking the information in order to be the first site posting the story. These same sites often edit their articles later on with factual information, take the story down, or just leave up the false story.

      It’s a shame, but it’s what’s happening in the online news industry every day. Having interned at news sites, I understand the pressure that these sites have to get their stories out first, though. A balance is needed.

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