Katie Couric Chooses Yahoo! As Next Destination On Her Career Path

It seems Yahoo! is Katie Couric’s search engine of choice, as the long-time, daytime TV journalist is in the process of completing a contract to join the Yahoo! team. Couric’s held her current position as the star of the talk show, The Katie Show, on ABC since 2011, but the journalist and media giant look to be ending their current joint-venture, TVNewser reports.

Before ABC, Couric was the co-host of NBC’s Today show for 15 years before joining CBS News as the anchor of the Evening News. The experienced media reporter has been a part of some of the largest media corporations and is now looking to join yet another.

Yahoo! has been scooping up some of the top talent in today’s news industry. Recently, CNET reports that David Pogue, former tech columnist at The New York Times, left the well-known publication to accept a position in the tech news field over at Yahoo! News.

While both held positions at two very different companies, Couric is leaving ABC broadcast and Pogue is leaving print-minded The New York Times, they are both headed to the fully-digital world of Yahoo! to bring their respective experience and knowledge of the media, tech and entertainment industry.

Why do you think top journalists are leaving very well-respected companies and publications to accept roles at the Yahoo! company? Do you think the hiring of these types of professionals will improve the news output for Yahoo! News? Let me know in the comments below.

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